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This blog will be solely about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what the advantages and disadvantages are. But how do you know that you are an entrepreneur?

Here are 10 key character traits that I believe sets the entrepreneur apart.

  1. Passionate
  2. Dedicated
  3. Optimistic
  4. Insecurity – Many entrepreneurs can be very insecure as they have a huge fear of failure. But it can also be a huge motivator in trying to be successful
  5. Trouble-Maker – True entrepreneurs are more likely to ask for forgiveness than permission. Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo
  6. You take action – individuals who have a concept but not a detailed strategy are more likely to have that special entrepreneurial ability – Invent as you go
  7. Craftiness
  8. You’re obsessed with cash flow
  9. You’re fearless – Where most individuals see risk and entrepreneur sees potential
  10. You can’t sit still – Entrepreneurs have unbridled energy that fuels them long past the time that their employees have gone home. They are eager, energized about business in a way that makes them stand out

Those are just some of the key traits I believe set the average from the entrepreneur. Stay tuned for some more amazing content.