Being an entrepreneur; Things to keep in mind


A person organizes and operates a business and takes a great financial risk to do so. An entrepreneur is like an inventor; s/he invents business ideas and invests his/her time and money in it. Entrepreneur also solves social problems with the help of their business.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a big deal. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before taking the decision of becoming an entrepreneur.

Success Rate

Who doesn’t want success in this competitive world? But success doesn’t come in an easy way. Moreover in the field of entrepreneurship success rate is close to fifty percent. There is always a chance of failure which you can never neglect.


Supports from the people around you will not always the same. Whatever the situation is you need to hold your hope.


Feedback is very important when you are doing something new. But you will not always receive positive feedback. So, there is always a chance of demotivation which is very bad for you.


Nobody will listen to you unless you have something to show. Talk less, show more. By showing off you are giving them a reason to pay attention.


No employee, even with the same equity will care as much as you. Your care is a must for your start-up.

Smart Steps

Take small steps, but take it smartly. Your smart steps will lead you to your destination.

Area of Emphasis

Give effort. But not in the area of your weakness. Give your efforts in the fields where you are strong enough.

Market Research

Do a market research. Without it you will not be able to compete with other competitors of you in the market.


Marketing is another key ingredient of success. For buying you products, customers need to know about them.

Target Market

Find your target market, know their taste and budget. After selecting target market think about your next step, which is how to grab their attention.

Raising Fund

Raising fund is one of the toughest jobs for an entrepreneur. At first you don’t have anything, neither success nor failure. Investors do not invest in such a new field which has an average success possibility.

Give up Control

It sounds a bit awkward. But if you try to control everything your business will not spread. Your employees will only follow but they won’t work for the company. As a result, nothing new will come out.

Brand Name

Brand name has always a huge impact on the common people. Choose it wisely and cleverly. A name can change your complete business scenario.


Always be confident about what you are doing. If you do not have confidence, what other people are going to have!

Customer Satisfaction

Work for customer satisfaction. If your customers are satisfied with you, you will never fall down.


Lock down your focus. Love what you are doing. Never think that without working hard success will show up on its own. Your passion will lead you to success. So, never lose your passion!